Straight Outta Hobbiton

Did you re-read the Lord of the Rings annually? These guys did.
“Quickbeam and Bombadil are the Lords of the Rhymes — Straight Outta Hobbiton”
The music (MP3) isn’t that great (although it’s not terrible) but the rhymes are clever. If your only exposure to the Lord of the Rings is the movies, you may not really get much of it, and if you don’t even like the Lord of the Rings, don’t waste your time. But if you, like me, read the books about once a year for most of your adolescence, then you really ought to check it out.
Reading over the lyrics, it doesn’t look that clever, but it really tickled me to listen to it.
Oh, and here’s an interesting wrinkle: the artists are donating a portion of their sales to help Kazakh Tolkien fans who are persecuted for donning costumes re-enacting scenes from the books. The refer us to this article from the Independent.