A Blogger™ Conspiracy?

It seems like every potentially interesting site that is run by the Blogger™ system doesn’t have an RSS feed for syndication. Since I start with Net News Wire and only visit websites for specific postings which catch my interest, I’m not sure how I’ll keep up with these.
Well, Pure Content uses Bloglet for email notification — which is actually interesting also because the only thing about Movable Type that I am really not satisfied with is the way it does email notification. I’m jealous of Media Diet, which through Blogger™ Pro, sends very nice HTML email for each posting (presumably automatically?) Meanwhile, with MT, you have to manually ask it to send a notification after you post, and the message it sends is not formatted very nicely. Plus, if you use something like Kung-Log to make your postings, you have to monkey around a lot more to even get to the interface for sending a notification. Who am I kidding, it’s not like Through The Wire has a whole lot of people hanging on my every post! Still, I’d like it to be “right.”
But, so even if there are other ways besides RSS for “keeping up” with blogs, why isn’t it there? Just about every Radio weblog has RSS, and it’s very easy to provide with Movable Type… do the Blogger folks have something against RSS?

2 thoughts on “A Blogger™ Conspiracy?

  1. Yeah. The email notifications are automatic. You can set up your blog so posts are transmitted to a mailing list of your choosing. Very few people subscribe to the Media Diet list, but it’s easy and seems to work. I get more email responses to MD than I do Comments.

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