In reading the comments to Tom Coates’ The New Musical Functionality…, I found a link to a site called MusicMobs. MusicMobs is a music information site which is driven by individual users uploading their exported iTunes music libraries. That means that it can take information about what music you own (or at least what music you have in digital form) as well as how often you play it and how often you’ve rated it, and it can compare that to the equivalent data uploaded by over 3000 other users.
After some brief browsing, I’m not entirely sure that this is good for anything, but it seems to have potential. It seems similar to AudioScrobbler, to which I was sending plays for a while, but for which I also never really found much use. It appears that MusicMobs has plugin-styel software that can keep your library/playlist up-to-date without manual uploads, which is probably necessary for anything really interesting. (The AudioScrobbler are also hooked in to, a “recommendations-driven” streaming radio station, which is another interesting idea.)
I think it will remain a novelty for me; I keep most of my music on a server at home, but I do most of my listening to a subset of that music copied onto my powerbook. (I am continually shuffling what’s on the powerbook as I make room for things like virtual memory and/or newly ripped music. Also, it would appear that my playcounts are a little inflated, apparently because I sometimes leave iTunes running for a long time while I’m off doing something else.
Anyway, if you’re curious, you can go directly to my MusicMobs profile page.
UPDATE: After I noted how the playcounts in my iTunes library aren’t really representative because I sometimes leave iTunes playing, I found that someone does this on purpose to “train” AudioScrobbler. Curious.