WNUR “Jazz” Show, 2008-04-01

Since my regular Tuesday slot fell on April Fool’s Day, I asked for suggestions for thematic propriety.  I declined Sandy’s suggestion but began to like the idea of something more comprehensive than simply tunes with “fool” in the name or the like.

The thing is, I’m kind of a crank about April Fool’s, so I didn’t want to do anything ironic.  I certainly didn’t want to spend 2 and a half hours playing music just for a gag. So I decided on a simple turnabout.  See, even though WNUR is independent college radio and I refer to the show as a “jazz” show with quotes thoroughly intended, I still find that there is music I choose not to play because of some sense that it “doesn’t fit.”  So I decided to play only music that I would probably otherwise have said “that’s not really ‘jazz’ enough.”

I really had a lot of fun, especially ’cause Chris came in and shared the musical fun and brought some stuff of his own.  I may have to do this again before 2014! 

artist: “track” – album   (label)

Lord Rhaburn: “Disco Connection” – Belize City Boil Up (Numero Group)
Sylvia Hall: “Don’t Touch That Thing” – Grand Bahama Goombay (Numero Group)
Los Amigos Invisibles: “Ultra Funk” – The New Sound of the Venezuelan Gozadera (Luaka Bop)
Henry Nelson: “Praise the Lord, Everybody” – Sacred Steel (Arhoolie)
The Coup: “My Favorite Mutiny” – Pick a Bigger Weapon (Epitaph)
Orchestra G.O. Maleba: “Likambo Ya Supa” – African Serenades 29 (n/a)
Doctor Rockit: “Café La Flore” – Indoor Fireworks (Lifelike)
The Meditation Singers: “Don’t You Want to Go” – None But the Righteous (Chess/MCA)
Black Dog: “The Age of Slack” – Book of Dogma (Soma)
Phil Ranelin (remixed by Morgan Geist): “Sounds from the Village (Roller Skate Mix)” – Phil Ranelin: Remixes (Hefty)
Los Zafiros: “Y Sabes Bien” – Bossa Cubana (Nonesuch)
Joe Lee: “Oh, the Lamb of God, the Lord Done Sanctified Me” – Negro Religious Songs and Services (Rounder)
Reminder: “New Spell/On Rooftops” – Continuum (EDM)
Herbaliser (featuring Latyrix): “8 pt. Agenda” – Xen Cuts (Ninja Tunes)
Autechre: “Lowride” – Incunabula (Warp)
Kronos Quartet & Asha Bhosle: “Dum Maro Dum (Take Another Toke)” – You’ve Stolen My Heart (Nonesuch)
Anonymous Musicians: “Hai Cium Dong” – Street Music of Java (Original Music)
Amin Xaaji Cusmaan: “Dakhtar” – Jamiila: Songs from a Somali City (Original Music)
Michael Rose: “We Shall Over Come” – Straight to the Head (Pressure Sounds)
Terry Callier: “Be My Woman” – The New Folk Sound of Terry Callier (Prestige)
Alèmayèhu Eshèté: “Betchayén Tègodahu” – Éthiopiques Vol 8: Swingin’ Addis (Buda Musique)
Prof. Y.S. and his B.B. Band: “One Early Morning” – Money No Be Sand (Original Music)
Creación 75: “Cogelo Suave” – ¡Arollando! …y con Sabor (Antilles)
Sly and the Family Stone: “I Can’t Turn You Loose” – Dance to the Music (Epic/CBS)
Broadneck: “Psychedelic Excursion” – The Birmingham Sound (The Rabbit Factory)
The Sea and Cake: “Sound and Vision” – One Bedroom (Thrill Jockey)
Boscoe: “We Ain’t Free” – Boscoe (*)
Hoyt Ming and his Pep-Steppers: “Indian War Whoop” – Anthology of American Folk Music (Folkways)

2 thoughts on “WNUR “Jazz” Show, 2008-04-01

  1. I was actually really psyched to come across that when the reissues came out. I’m a big fan of Otis’ version, and though it was a great fit for the Family Stone. Did they use any other soul standards? Not like they were hurting for good songs.

    I also think it’s cool that you’ve gone to the effort to self-publish a book about Sly. Sweet!

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