Ubu Hubbub

I’ve known this piece for a while, but it came up on the shuffle yesterday and I was reminded just how much genius Christian Bök brings to bear in the assembly of words in this poem. 

I couldn’t find the text anywhere, so I took it upon myself to transcribe it.  Part of what I love is that while it sounds like utter nonsense, I’m pretty sure there are no nonsense words included (noting that I give jabberwock a pass from being considered a nonsense word.)  I’ll admit that in the third “verse” there’s a word that I transcribed as “gazoot,” which might be pure nonsense filler, or I might just not have been able to figure out what he is saying.  If you think you know what it is, feel free to make a suggestion in the comments.

Note that this is definitely meant to be heard, so I suggest that you read it aloud, before and/or after listening to the author performing it.

“Ubu Hubbub” is a work of political satire, expressing what I imagine Ubu Roi might sound like when issuing an imperial decree.  (Christian Bök)

Ubu Hubbub

(with much bluster)

Ubu hubbub blubbering rubber gut a rutabaga tuba blurb gluttonous kettle drum cumbersome gummi bears of bourbon.

Ubu juju bungee jump dung beetle jumbo jets a jamboree of wombats jabberwock lumberjack jelly beans of Belgium.

Ubu bamboo zombie god bombardier as bazooka boot gazoot gesundheit ink poodle nincompoop. No gazebos go berserk. 

Ubu buddha übermensch troubadour old bees oboe beelzebub booby trap scuba gear juggernaut of bugaboo. Bugger off!

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  1. Listening again, I think you may be right. Was that just your take on listening? Or have you seen the text in print somewhere?

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