I’ve spent the last couple of days participating in the Independent Government Observers Task Force “non-conference” and built up a list of links that are either things we talked about or things I knew of which I thought were pertinent to our discussions.  By no means is this list complete or representative, but hopefully it’s useful to someone.  I was in the Municipal Government sessions, so it doesn’t do justice to our friends in the Case Law session in the other room.

I’m going to try to formulate a more analytic post about what went on, but I wanted to put these links somewhere shareable sooner than later.


Groups with Similar/Sympathetic Goals

Open Visualization Tools

Jon Udell Interviews of Interest


Delicious tags





One thought on “IGOTF Links

  1. Nice! I especially like the Delicious tags, something I rarely think to take advantage of in my information searches.

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