WNUR Conference of the Birds, 2012-03-13

“Conference of the Birds” is my weekly radio program on WNUR-FM. It airs on Tuesdays from 5-7:30 am Chicago time (UTC-5). And, of course, when technology cooperates, you can just come here for the archives. You can subscribe to the podcast with this URL (click here to subscribe in iTunes).

Beyond belatedly observing Ornette Coleman’s 82nd birthday (last Friday, March 9), this week’s show was theme free. In fact, it was all over the place, as was observed on the phone by the listener who called in with the Barney Kessel request. But it was fun, and there’s plenty of good music to hear inside…



download program (131MB, 2 hrs 23 min)

Artist: “Track” – Album (Label)
Ethnic Heritage Ensemble: “Ornette” – Dance With the Ancestors (Chameleon)
Ornette Coleman: “Theme From a Symphony (Variation Two)” – Dancing In Your Head (A&M)
Universal Congress Of: “Law Years” – This Is Mecolodics (SST)
Eric Boeren 4tet: “Peace” – Joy of a Toy (BVHaast)
Ornette Coleman: “Lonely Woman” – Beauty Is A Rare Thing: The Complete Atlantic Recordings (Atlantic)
Steve Coleman & David Holland: “See Saw” – Phase Space (DIW)
Konono No. 1: “Wumbanzanga” – Assume Crash Position (Crammed Disc)
Johnny Mbizo Dyani: “Namibia” – Born Under the Heat (Dragon)
William Parker & Hamid Drake: “Nur Al Anwar” – Volume 1: Piercing the Veil (AUM Fidelity)
Beans featuring William Parker & Hamid Drake: “56” – Only (Thirsty Ear)
Slim Gaillard: “Make It Do” – Laughing in Rhythm: The Best of the Verve Years (Polygram)
Matana Roberts: “How Much Would You Cost?” – Coin Coin Chapter 1: Les Gens De Coleur Libre (Constellation)
Claudia: “Menina Fulô” – Você, Cláudia, Você (Odeon)
Ry Cooder: “Chinito Chinito” – Chávez Ravine (Nonesuch)
Calexico: “Guero Canelo” – Feast of Wire (Quarter Stick)
Staff Benda Bilili: “Tonkara” – Tres Tres Fort (Crammed Disc)
Sonny Okosuns: “Adessua” – Ozidizm (Capitol/EMI)
Orquesta Atipica: “Zita” – Tango Dogs (Eats Shoots and Leaves)
Jenny Scheinman: “Wiseacre” – Shalagaster (Tzadik)
Baden Powell: “Round About Midnight” – Tristeza on Guitar (PAUSA)
Barney Kessel: “Brazil” – Solo (Concord)
Thelonious Monk Quartet with John Coltrane : “Bye-Ya” – At Carnegie Hall (Blue Note)
Vijay Iyer Trio: “Little Pocket Size Demons” – Accelerando (ACT)
Darius Jones Trio: “Chasing the Ghost” – Big Gurl (AUM Fidelity)