WNUR Conference of the Birds, 2014-05-27

WNUR 2014 T-Shirt design“Conference of the Birds” is my weekly radio program on WNUR-FM. It airs on Tuesdays from 5-7:30 am Chicago time (UTC-). And, of course, when technology cooperates, you can just come here for the archives. You can subscribe to the podcast with this URL (click here to subscribe in iTunes).

The holiday weekend prevented me from spending much preparation time for this week’s show, so I took it easy and played some long slow numbers. Also, the archive process crapped out. As I was later to learn, we’ve had squirrels chewing up the cables in our cable boxl So sorry that you can’t listen to this one. It was also marred by some tech problems with our CD players, so maybe it’s just as well… but there was a lot of music worth hearing. Ah well…

Artist: “Track” – Album (Label)

Kahil El’Zabar’s The Ritual: “The Inner Search (partial, CD malfunction)” – Sacred Love (Sound Aspects)
Kahil El’Zabar’s The Ritual: “Day of the Celestials” – Sacred Love (Sound Aspects)
Joshua Abrams: “Abide in Sunset” – Natural Information (Eremite)
DKV Trio: “Awake Nu (3.24.01)” – Trigonometry (Okkadisk)
Fred Anderson Quartet: “Black Woman” – The Milwaukee Tapes Vol. 1 (Atavistic)
Art Ensemble of Chicago: “Urban Magic” – Urban Bushmen (ECM)
Anthony Braxton Quartet: “Comp. 23 M (+10+108D) – take 2” – Willisau (Quartet) 1991 (Hat Art)
William Parker In Order to Survive: “The Peach Orchard” – The Peach Orchard (AUM Fidelity)
Eight Bold Souls: “Shining Waters (more CD problems)” – Eight Bold Souls (Open Minds)
Eight Bold Souls: “Dervish” – Eight Bold Souls (Open Minds)
The Engines with John Tchicai: “Cool Copy / Looking” – Other Violets (Not Two Records)
Roy Campbell Pyramid Trio: “Tazz’s Dilemna” – Ethnic Stew And Brew (Delmark Records)
Henry Threadgill Sextett: “Bermuda Blues” – You Know The Number (Novus)
Nicole Mitchell’s Black Earth Ensemble: “Cause & Effect” – Black Unstoppable (Delmark Records)