WNUR Conference of the Birds, 2015-04-14

WNUR 2014 T-Shirt design“Conference of the Birds” is my weekly radio program on WNUR-FM. It airs on Tuesdays from 5-7:30 am Chicago time (UTC-6). And, of course, when technology cooperates, you can just come here for the archives. You can subscribe to the podcast with this URL (click here to subscribe in iTunes).

I totally winged this show, but I’m pretty happy with the song selection. Note that the “Shall We Gather at the River” compilation from which a couple of songs were featured is available for free download from the state of Florida, and the whole thing is really good…



download program (145MB, 2 hrs 38 min)

Artist: “Track” – Album (Label)
Almon Memela: “Pelican City” – Broken Shoes (Warner)
Tambours Croisés: “Mérilo + Didine makwélé (Tambours 2)” – Chapter 1 (Maloya, Bèlè, Gwo Ka) (Aztec Musique)
Fi Yi Yi & the Mandingo Warriors: “Who Got the Fire” – Fi Yi Yi & the Mandingo Warriors (Pertunia Foundation)
Liquid Liquid: “Rubbermiro” – Liquid Liquid (GR Entertainment)
Francis Bebey: “Sassandra” – Akwaaba (Original Music)
Konk: “Tonton Macoute” – Live At CBGB Nov. 6, 1981 (Unleashed Music)
Sublime Frequencies: “Hyderabad Fidelity” – Radio India: The Eternal Dream of Sound (Sublime Frequencies)
The Zombies: “Asazi Lutho” – Egoli (Atlantic City)
Africa Ritmos: “Agarrem” – Angola Soundtrack 2: Hypnosis, Distortions & Other Sonic Innovations 1969-1978 (Analog Africa)
Admiral Dele Abiodun & His Top Hitters Band ‎– : “Awa O Ni Legba” – Awa O Ni Legba (Olumo Records)
Alvarado Rodriguez Trio: “Yo Yo” – Black Feeling (Freestyle Records)
Magic Ember: “Tom on the Way” – Heart & Soul (Flame)
Letta Mbulu: “Bbanoyi” – Letta Mbulu Sings (Capitol)
Lula Cortes: “Nordeste Oriental” – Psychedelic Pernambuco (Mr Bongo)
Geraldo Azevedo & Alceu Valença: “Planetário” – Psychedelic Pernambuco (Mr Bongo)
The Dixie Hummingbirds: “Jesus is Coming Soon” – Shall We Gather At The River: African-American Sacred Music from the Florida Folklife Collection (State Archives of Florida)
Antioch Junior Choir: “Jesus Be a Fence Around Me” – Shall We Gather At The River: African-American Sacred Music from the Florida Folklife Collection (State Archives of Florida)
African Brothers International Band of Ghana: “Enne ye nna” – Okwaduo! “Wodee Wokoo Na Wonuanom” (Executive)
Ry-Co Jazz: “Blue Sugar” – Bon Voyage!! (RetroAfric)
Salamat: “Ya Tear” – Mambo el Soudani (Piranha)
Mucca Pazza: “All Out of Bubblegum” – L.Y.A. (Mucca Pazza)
Parliament: “Funkentelechy” – Funkentelechy vs. the Placebo Syndrome (Casablanca Records)
Radio I Ching: “Let My People Go” – Last Kind Words (CD Baby)
Steven Bernstein: “Let My People Go” – Diaspora Soul (Tzadik)
Nicole Mitchell’s Black Earth Ensemble: “The Inevitable” – Intergalactic Beings (For Practically Everyone)
JCA Sax Quartet: “Monk’s Mood” – Why Do You Ride? (Leo)
Vijay Iyer Trio: “Break Stuff” – Break Stuff (ECM)
William Parker: “Move On Up” – I Plan to Stay a Believer (AUM Fidelity)